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We have a simple to follow lesson course, subscribe for a month or a year, we will walk you through everything you need to know about a
Mac or a Windows PC... Work at your pace!
Just pick your Mac or PC and start the course!
You can utilize our glossary to look up terms, skip ahead or go back on any of our easy to follow computer lessons.
We have step by step written & video tutorials for most lessons.

Design Behind Our lessons

We've broken everything down to the most basic terms possible.


Our goal is to have anyone who finds our lessons be able to access and follow them and learn the basics of computers. Weather it's your first time using a computer, or you're just looking for simple to follow lessons to expand you basic knowledge of computers, our guides are for you!


We recommend you begin each lesson by watching the full video at the top of the lesson page. After you watch the full lesson, we break it down part by part, so you can follow along and focus on each part until you feel comfortable and can move on. Practice each video clip as much as needed before you move onto the next video. Most of our lessons are video lessons with the steps also written out to help you stay on track.


When watching the tutorial videos, using our simple controls, follow along will full control, play, pause, skip forward and backward, adjust volume levels and display size.

Here a quick video to get you up to speed on how the website lessons work and how to use the tutorial video controls. After the video, click the link below to try a free lesson.

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